Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum Trip

On Thursday Team 2 visited Auckland Museum. We wanted to learn heaps more about Matariki and the Maori  New year. When we got there we had lunch. Room 26 went upstairs and the rest of us started downstairs. We ate our morning tea and then we put our bags in the lockers. Next we went to the Weird and wonderful room. We were in groups and 2 of them went up the ramp and the others went the other way. We saw a bear and then we went to the volcano room and the marae. We went into Whaea Jo and Whaea Leigh's room. In there we put on some ta moko. The girls got some ruru on their chins and then we made some ipu out of clay that we were allowed to take home. I felt happy because I loved making ipu and I liked the ta moko on my chin.



  1. Hi Jade, what an amazing recount. You have used lots of detail in your writing. It was lots of fun getting the ta moko on our chins. Keep up the good work Jade.

    From Miss Szymanik

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    2. Thank you for commenting Miss Szymanik

  2. Hi Jade what amazing picture of our ta moko Jade. From vika