Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Facts about Maui and the Giant Fish

What I learnt about Māui  and the giant fish

3 Facts:
1 thing you liked about the story
1 thing you did not like about the story

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One of my facts were:that māui was too young to go fishing with his older brother`s.

My Second fact is: when Māui`s brothers pulled the canoe into the sea they noticed something a little different.

My Third Fact is:That Māui is the youngest brother

One thing that I liked about Māui and the Giant fish story was that Māui didn't care what his brothers thought of him.

And I liked everthing about the story there was nothing that I did not like.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Describing an Image

There is an enormous  brown turtle with heaps of stuff on its back. There is a grey elephant that has tree roots as its feet. There are 3 nice hot air balloons. There is a girl trying to touch the window and she sees a spooky forest. There is a picture of an old man in a frame that is being held up by 2 ropes. There is a bird on top of the frame.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The moon

The moon is a special rock which orbits the earth. The earth is about 384 400 km. The moon is much smailer then the earth. If you went to visit the moon You world weigh less on the moon. If a giraffe was on the moon it it well weigh as much as a baby tiger on earth. The moon  dose not have eny light of it's own it can sometimes be yellow. Humans lunched rocket into space. Humans was allowed to wake on the moon. No one has visited the moon  for more then 40 years. Only 12 people has 

Monday, 4 September 2017

The Solar System

Did you know that there are 9 plants in the solar system? The sun is in the centre of the solar system. The closet plant to the sun is mercury.

Earth is called the goldilocks planet because it is not too cold, not too hot, it is just right for living things. 70% of the Earth is covered in water. 

The sun is the hottest part of our solar system. It is not a planet, it is a star. It takes 8 minutes for light to get in to Earth. The sun is 110 times bigger then the Earth. Some people think that Pluto is not a planet because of how small it. It is so small some people cannot see it.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My Dream Holiday

My dream holiday is to go to my nan and pops house. Itwould be good if all my family. Can go to the beach and swim and go to sleep and. There would be no sharks we would look for some cockles and every morning I would have KFC every time for dinner I would have Chicken and chips every morning tea I would have fish and chips and I would go to my nana and pop's house in the car. We would also go to the GI pools and  then go to the park then go home 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Slinky Malinki

Slinky Malinki was blacker than black. Slinky Malinki had bright yellow eyes. Slinky Malinki was very sneaky and sly.


Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum Trip

On Thursday Team 2 visited Auckland Museum. We wanted to learn heaps more about Matariki and the Maori  New year. When we got there we had lunch. Room 26 went upstairs and the rest of us started downstairs. We ate our morning tea and then we put our bags in the lockers. Next we went to the Weird and wonderful room. We were in groups and 2 of them went up the ramp and the others went the other way. We saw a bear and then we went to the volcano room and the marae. We went into Whaea Jo and Whaea Leigh's room. In there we put on some ta moko. The girls got some ruru on their chins and then we made some ipu out of clay that we were allowed to take home. I felt happy because I loved making ipu and I liked the ta moko on my chin.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My Wonderful Weekend

On Friday after School me and my sister Nyree came home. I got changed into my pyjamas and my sister got changed into her clothes. Then we had to want unitle my little brother came home because he was coming too. All of the younger kids came but April did not came because she was naughty. So she want to Hamilton and we all went into the car and want to. Aria my cosins and Auntie my cousins names are Boyce and Karina and my Auntie name is Auntie shrane and at 8:00 we want to sleep in the bed.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Use repeated addition to solve x problems


Magical Matariki

What is Matariki?

Matariki is when a group of seven stars come together in the sky. It is also when the Maori have new year. When the stars appear in late May of early June is the beginning of the Maori new year. The seven stars have another name it is the seven sisters. The biggest sister is Matariki she guides her younger siblings to their places in the sky. The old stories also tell us that when the stars shine brightly the year will be good for growing crops. There will be plenty of seafood to gather. We celebrate Matariki in lots of different ways. We fly and make kites. We catch kai moana too.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


We have been learning to make, name, and recognise wholes, halves, third parts, fourth parts and fifth parts using play dough.

Friday, 5 May 2017

My Holiday Highlight

The highlight of my holiday was when I went to Hollys birthday party. When I got there Jaly and Holly came first and then Masson came to Then we sang happy birthday to Holly. We washed our hands Next we had something to eat l had 5 sausages and 1 Easter egg then we played castle to castle l wan castle to castle l got a wallet and a pen and a book. I fett happy because I love going to Party.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Snow White And the 7 Dwarfs

Once upon a time there lived a Queen. She lived in a faraway castle. The Queen wished she had a baby and her wish came true. They named her Snow White. The Queen became sick and died. The kind remarried an Evil Queen. She said to her magic mirror "mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" the mirror said to her "you are". The next day when she asked the mirror the same questions it said "sorry Snow White is the fairest of them all". The Evil Queen called her Huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and take her heart to her so she could be the fairest of them all. The Huntsman couldn't kill Snow White and he said to her, "run far away and never come back to the castle. You are in danger". Snow White ran away and fell asleep. When she woke some animal friends said to her "come to our house". When she came to the cottage she opened the door. Everything was very small and the house was messy. Snow White cleaned the house and when she was done the house was sparkly. She was tired so she went upstairs and fell asleep on the beds. When the 7 dwarfs came house they noticed it was sparkly. They went upstairs and found Snow White lying on the beds. She woke up and they told her their names. Suddenly an old lady knocked on the door. She had some apples. The old lady wanted some soup. "You must have an apple, you will have one bite and it will taste like heaven" the old lady said. Snow White had one bite fell to the floor. She was dead. The old lady was actually the Evil Queen in disguise. The dwarfs put Snow White in a glass coffin in the forest. All her animal friends came to watch her. A prince came and kissed Snow White. She opened her eyes and Snow White and the Prince had a wedding and lived happily ever after.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Writing a letter

Last week Room 24 started writing a letter to a friend. First we picked a name out of the box then we went to our tables so we can write our own letter to a friend. I wrote a letter to holly because I got her out of the box. Holly is one of my friends.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Melinda Szymanik visits room 24

Yesterday morning Melinda Szymanik came to visits Room 24. She came because she is an author of children's books and she wanted to share her love of books with us. First she want to Room 25 and 27 and then she read the were nana it was scary because the brother tells the little girl that the nana was a were nana. After that she read a book with no pictures. I felt delighted because I loved the book with no pictures. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Making Jelly

Yesterday in the morning Room 24 started making the green Cavour of traffic light Jelly. First Miss Szymanik boiled the water. Next Taoro poured the Jelly crystals. Then Kyzel stirred the jelly crystals until they were discovered last Miss Szymanik put the Jelly in the fridge to set We did the same thing with the orange and the green jelly. The jelly tasted delicious. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Point England Picnic

In the morning Point England school went to the school picnic. I made clay with Madison down at Pt England first we got our hats. We lined up and went to the hall . Mr Burt told as the rules for the school picnic. Next Pt England School walked over to the reserve in our class line. Then I made a sand castle with Vika and our clay. Finally I had lunch. I felt joyful because I liked playing with my friends.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Playing with My Friends

On Friday I played a game with my friends Jade F and Keyana. First we played at the park. After that we went to the breeze to slide around in our socks. I like playing with my friends.

Friday, 10 February 2017

All About Me

My name is Jade. I am 7 years old. I am a student at Point England Primary in Auckland New Zealand. My favourite thing to do at school is go to the pools because I want to do cool things in the pools. I have one brother and 5 sisters. My family are important to me because they get me takeaways. My favourite food is steak and cheese pie. My favourite colour is red. My learning goal is to learn to swim