Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Elimination Tag And Dodgeball

Today me and my class went to the park. Wen we got to the park we played Elimination tag and Dodgeball together. The people trowing the ball was Ana,Kamryn and Lincon. Taggers was Adriana and Bryston. Wen Mr Moran said "go" every one sprinted except for the taggers and the people throwing the ball. Then I speed Just like a Cheetah. Then I went on to the monkey bars then Adriana tried to tag me then she got me. I was so honest that Adriana tagged me. Mr Moran said two minutes to go. two minutes later every one was out and siting on the grass. The winner was Marius as he was speed and he slipped and heart his leg then we went back to class.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Duffy Books for kids

This is my new Duffy book it is called Tiara friends by Paula Harrison Thank you Dominion Construction for donating book to our school Thank you so so much. from Jade

Friday, 7 September 2018

Word Cline Actvity

As I walked to the beach it was extremely HOT

As I was eating a cold as poppies stick

Most of the time me and my brother and sisters play basketball.

Feelings - Sad
When my cat died I felt so so sad

Feelings - Happy
On Christmas my mum bought me a kitten to have I felt so happy.  

Like moving your body.

As I walked down the road I sore a TINY kitten

At home I heard our next door neighbours dog barking it was so noise.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Ina Joins In

File:Cook Island dancers at ...
Ina Joins In

Answer the questions below. Think very carefully about each question and answer in full sentences.

Why did Ina look shyly at her classmates?
Because of her new classmates were looking at her.
What is Cannons Creek?
Cannon creek is nothing like her home back in the islands.
Why did she not like her new school?
Because she didn't know anyone at  this school.
Why was Ina embarrassed on the mat?
Because everyone was looking at her.
Why did Ina watch from a distance?  How would Ina be feeling?
Because she might get stood on she might of felt so scared
What might the other kids be thinking about Ina?
They might of thought that she was a nice friend.
Why did Ina keep her eyes on the floor?
Ina kept her eyes on the floor.

My Cool Weekend

Everyday Me,April,Logan and Nyree plays Netball and Basketball. It is so much fun when we play together. Sometimes my mum and dad join in with us. Most of the times we play basketball. It is mostly two on two sometimes on Tuesdays nights me and Logan play because April and Nyree go to legacy diamonds that is what happens on Tuesday nights.

The Poly Strong Challeng

The song means if you are Tongan you can do a Samoan  dance. It also means that you should be proud of your own cutler. In my group was gabby,me,Madison and  Adriana.