Friday, 15 June 2018

The Matariki store

On Monday miss king told the block a story about Matariki. In the story there were seven sisters. Every year the sisters would make some kites. The first sister made an green kite from the harakeke bush. The second sister made an orange kite from the raupo bush. The third sister made an pink kite from manuka tree. The fourth sister made an red kite from the puriri tree. The fifth sister an blue kite from the color of the river. The six sister made an wite kite from the long river. The seven sister made an colorful river that was the store off matariki THE END

Thursday, 7 June 2018


On Tuesday the block made pikelets. We split up into our reading groups then we made some pikelets. Then we had to go outside to do the staff on the pan. Then we had to take a table outside to put the pan on. Then we put some oil in the pan. I was the first person to get a pikelet i put some nutella and some little chocolate chips ones everyone was finished there first one we got to get another one then wen miss scalene class was almost finished me and hinemoa got to go all the way over to miss szymanik’s class i went in her class and gave her two pikelet`s there was nutella on one , jam on the other then me and hinemoa ran so so fast. The coolest part was eating the pikelet.