Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Holidays 2016

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS 2016             
On Christmas me and my Whanau are going

to only be at home for the morning then we are going to my cousin Rochelle’s house and  then we are going to my sister Nyree god parents house to stay at there house for a few nights then we are going to go to the pet shop to buy me a cute kitten  for my Christmas present i have been saving up heaps of money. I really love kittens. I  might be getting a ginger. If I get the ginger kitten i am going to  name it Emily.


  1. Hey Jade
    I really like the way you described what you are going to do in the holidays. I also liked the way you said that you liked kittens.

  2. thank you nyree for commenting

  3. hi nyree thank you for commenting